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Personalize your path to college

Sendero Education offers personalized high school success and college prep coaching to students. We help students reach their personal and higher education goals by working with experienced professionals through one-on-one and group sessions with the goal of empowering students through high school, college and beyond.


Sendero, meaning "pathway" in Spanish, embodies our mission to uncover students' core interests and innate strengths to create a personalized path to success. Whether you're pursuing Ivy League dreams, vying for competitive majors at state institutions, or seeking your unique calling, we're here to guide you along a tailored path that builds not only academic success but also lasting personal growth and fulfillment. 

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Comprehensive college and admissions counseling

Sendero's college planning and admissions counseling service helps students create a personalized application strategy that showcases their strengths, interests, and achievements. We provide comprehensive guidance throughout the entire admissions process, from researching potential colleges and universities to providing support with essay writing, interview preparation, summer planning, and application review.

Passion and research
project coaching

Sendero helps students develop the skills and strategies they need to succeed academically. We provide personalized support to help students  find direction in independent projects that connect who they are with who they want to be. Showcase your skills and create real impact with our guidance.

Summer planning

Not ready to plan out your entire high school career? Let Sendero support your summer planning by walking you through the process of identifying the right enrichment, research or competitive programs to boost your profile one summer at a time.  Ideal for early high school students or juniors unsure of how to maximize their last summer before applications, this is a great way to shape your college journey thoughtfully and with intention.



Sendero Education, a distinguished college counseling service, is committed to unlocking each student's potential on their journey to higher education. Established by former Harvard Admissions Officer Nathalie, Sendero (Spanish for "Pathway") collaborates with students to define their college aspirations, formulate actionable plans, and pave the way to their college destinations. Our tailored methodology empowers you to transition from your current position to your desired outcome.


Experience the transformative impact of Sendero's college counseling on your high school and college admissions journey – and beyond!

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Sendero Students have been admitted to top institutions in the US and abroad, including:

Amherst College*
Boston University
Brown University
Cornell University
Columbia University
Dartmouth College
Georgetown University
Georgia Institute of Technology*
Harvard College
King's College London

McGill University

New York University
Stanford University
University of Pennsylvania
University of Texas, Austin (Plan II)
University of Toronto
University of Southern California
University of California, Berkeley
Vanderbilt University*
Villanova University
Washington University in St. Louis*
...and more!

*Includes students awarded full tuition scholarships!

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